Interview Questions :

Explain abt ModalPopupExtender ??
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Which class can be used to create an XML document from scratch?...
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What do you mean by Twisted-pair Cabling ?
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Why is OSI model layered?
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Difference between JSP compared to Servlets ?
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How can we move from one JSP page to another(mean using what tecnique?)
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What is http header?
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What are the event handlers of Session Object?
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What is IIS?
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Naming constraints for a variable ?
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What are the advantages of using ASP?
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What is Query string collection?
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What is http header?
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What is a Scripting Language?
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Explain the building blocks of Client/Server?
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How many types of cookies are available in asp?
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What is the difference between client-side script and server-side script?
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What is a Web Server?
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What is the maximum size of an array?
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